Our vision

Our vision is a Syria where every cat, every animal, is treated with kindness and compassion and an understanding of its needs. We hope we will never have to turn an animal away. All our work is only achievable through the generosity of our group members.

Free Veterinary Treatment

We will actively encourage the neutering of cats and dogs in our area of Syria and offer free veterinary treatment to any animals in need. We will actively educate and promote animal welfare and care of animals within the resident population.

We will intervene when we come across acts of animal cruelty and remove the animal wherever possible.

Garden of Hope

We will continue to offer, and improve, Pet Therapy sessions with the local children, orphans and refugees. So that our animals can give pleasure to the children who have never known any other way of life - just one of constant war and siege and bombardment. This therapy also gives our cats and kittens and other animals, some valuable interaction time with children who love to play with them and be near to them. To love and be loved.

We will continue to hold parties for the children in the Garden of Hope, our purpose built playground - built with the generosity of our group members. We hope that in some small way we can improve their lives.

In conjunction with Syria Charity we will offer free medical treatment in our medical centre.