1 vaccine = chance to life for a Cat


Dear Friends,
As you have all seen over the last few weeks, the new intake of cats and kittens from the heavily bombed areas has been immense and we have now run out of vaccines.
This leaves us with many cats and kittens and puppies which we can’t vaccinate against some of the diseases which can kill them.
We need 150 vaccines The cost is high at 30 euros each
The journey of the vaccines to us, is difficult because they have to be kept at a controlled temperature and this makes them expensive.
Please, will you help us? We can’t do it without you.
You can donate here or
or on our fundraising campaign:

One vaccine = more chance to life for a cat .
If you need support or other info please send us mail and we will response you .

Please use the word VACCINES, so we know where you want us to use your donation.
Thank you for your generosity and for standing with us in this work.

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