Dear Friends, as you know the recent war has destroyed a good part of our farm and caused the death of some of our animals. But like every time – we get up stronger than before!
Last month we had a fantastic opportunity to buy vaccines for dogs and cats, after years in which we witnessed impotently the immature deaths of our animals due to lack of care and vaccines.
Now we have a chance to buy a good quantity, and not only for our animals.
We want to vaccinate all the dogs and cats in the province of Aleppo and surrounding area. As you know, here poverty reigns supreme, so we want to offer free care for the animals, encouraging the population to take care of these helpless creatures.

Please buy a vaccine for us and help us with this noble cause and also for the re construction work on our farm.
We want to buy 500 pieces. Obviously everything will be shown with the photos. Please help us.
No more animals will die just because we don’t have vaccines.
You can buy one or more vaccines from our store on our website.
Please help us to help them.

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